Albina Paliy


I was born with music in my heart.  My mother tells me that for most of her pregnancy with me, she spent hours at the piano, playing and singing.  Maybe this is why I am so in love with everything that has to do with music, singing and harmony.  My first song performed in front of a big crowd, was in my church back in Russia, when I was five years of age.  I remember the experience as if it were yesterday.  The pastor had a big grin on his face and my microphone felt big and heavy.  That was the beginning of my singing solo adventures.  After we moved to the United States with my family, my parents decided to hire a private piano instructor for me.   I loved playing it, even though I’d sometimes complain about the tedious hour of practice every day.  I mean, no other kid in the world had to practice for THAT long.  I am so thankful for my parents and their patience with me.  They always saw further than I did.  I had wonderful experiences with the few private music instructors I had.  Because of this, I am able to pass on what I have learned to my own students.  I believe in one-on-one lessons and private music teachers because every student is unique and deserves individual attention and approach to them and their abilities.



Albina's Articles

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