Beaverton, OR

We help students and adults learn how to play instruments in Beaverton, OR by offering private music lessons. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to further develop your skills in playing a particular instrument, we offer one-one-one music lessons by highly skilled and trained music instructors in Beaverton.

Gone are the days when a hiring a private music teacher was a luxury. You or your child can now enjoy private music lessons by a trained and qualified local Beaverton music teacher. Not only is hiring a music instructor convenient but also affordable now.

Our qualified music coaches help you learn to play an instrument of your choice or assist you with vocal lessons and offer a friendly and fun environment to learn music in. They are able to assess your efforts and skills in the initial lesson and offer you a work plan accordingly. The music teachers also assist students in exploring opportunities for advancement and can aid them in preparing for music programs and music school. To learn more about private lessons from a certified music teacher, feel free to contact us today!

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