About Us

Beautiful Sounds Music Lessons is here to connect students with  music instructors and create long lasting student-teacher relationships.

About Us

Beautiful Sounds Music Lessons is here to connect students with their music instructors and create long lasting student-teacher relationships.

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What we provide?

Our mission is to create a beautiful space for anyone to learn to play an instrument of their choice. At Beautiful Sounds Music Lessons we believe in the power of music. This is the driving force behind creating a community of students and instructors of all ages and levels, making it easier to connect, learn, and share the love of music. 

About our founder

Albina Sharaliy


I am Albina, founder of this incredible organization and space where students and teachers can find each other to experience more music in their lives.  In my earlier years, I was a traveling piano and voice teacher, teaching close to 30 students at any one time.  It was rewarding to see them improve their talents and musical skills. Through this experience I realized how important music is as tool for creativity, culture and even unity, as music can unite people all over the world. 

I loved to support my students on their music journey through weekly lessons. I also hosted seasonal recitals where they could perform in front of their friends and family and become excited about continuing their music education. After many years of teaching, I could not take on any more students even though the calls kept coming in.  It was then that I realized two important facts which led me to pivot my teaching business to create a community for students and teachers alike

BSML Recital 01.13.2018

My first realization was that there was a huge need for learning music privately.  People of all ages, including retired folks as well as young adults wanted to learn to play an instrument. They wanted to learn in a stress free environment, at their own pace and with someone they could connect well with Parents wanted a knowledgeable instructor who could also be their child’s friend and teach them to play music.  I also discovered it wasn’t always easy for people to find the right instructor.  If I wasn’t able to take on a student, their parents would ask if they could go on a wait list, or if I knew someone that could teach in my place.  They were always looking for recommendations.  

My second realization was that there were many music teachers who found it difficult to find students. I then thought about all the potential music instructors who would struggle with this too. Word of mouth is always the best way of getting students. When you are just starting out however, it can be difficult to earn the trust of your students or their families right away.  It takes time for them to see progress and then start giving recommendations.  

From these two points, I thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to create a community where teachers could find their students, and students could find a good music instructor for their needs.   So here we are! 

Whether you are a student or music instructor, I want to welcome you and invite you to become part of our mission and community.

BSML Recital 01.13.2018


If you are interested in giving music a try and learning a new instrument, please fill out this form and we will connect you with your best music instructor!


If you have the skills to teach music, feel free to join our community of teachers.