Guitar Lessons

Guitar is musical instrument that requires a certain level of passion and dedication to learn and play. Most individuals who want to learn how to play the guitar are passionate about the rhythm of music it allows them to create and enjoy. With years of practice and hard work, students are able to enjoy classical, jazz, electric, rock and roll, and many other types of genre while playing the guitar.

Guitar lessons are one of the most popular instruments to learn and private and group lessons have been in great demand recently. In order for our students to attain the best value for their money and practice, we offer one-on-one private guitar lessons for students of all ages and proficiency levels. We recommend training children ages 5 and up to start learning and practice playing the guitar. Adults with no previous musical background are also welcome to hire our private tutor for lessons. We believe there is no age to learning and welcome everyone who are passionate about learning how to play instruments!

Why Guitar?

One of the most versatile and in-demand music instrument, the guitar allows individuals to take control of the rhythm and great wonderful music. Similar to the piano, guitars are one of the most used and widely played instrument in the world. There are many different kinds of guitar that allow individuals to create different types of music. Have fun while learning how to play the guitar with the stability of traditional music lessons and enjoy playing modern rock, jazz, blues and acoustic music.

Our program

We offer private one-on-one classes to students on an hourly or half hour basis throughout the week in Oregon. Our program is designed to teach students how to read music, understand chords, rhythm and theory while also allowing them the freedom to learn songs of their choice and the music they love to play.

There are many benefits of learning how to play music and the benefit is greater when children start young. This is why we encourage young kids to learn how to play music because it helps develop their brain and language reasoning. Recent studies show that musical training allows young children to physically develop the left side of their brain, known to process language and can actually allow them to wire the brain’s circuits in specific ways. It is believed that young children can retain new and complex information when they link familiar songs to new information and can help develop young minds.

It has also been established that children and adults who have musical knowledge and ability to play instruments are highly creative individuals with the ability to solve problems in unique and innovative ways. When children learn how to play music at a young age, they are able to develop such acumen and believed to become highly creative and successful individuals in the future.

What are you waiting for then? DO you habe a child who wants to learn how to play the guitar? Or have you as an adult always dreamed about playing the guitar likc a true rock and roller? Give us a call today and we would be happy to discuss with you your requirements and fit you in next week for your first lesson![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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