Music Teacher Salary

Becoming a music teacher is a great way to earn money as an artist. But you might be wondering, how much does a music teacher make in the US? 
If you graduated with a music-related degree or are planning to change your career, being a music teacher is great choice. With that in mind, one of the things you’ll be considering is what’s the average music teacher salary. Read on to find out.
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How Much Does a Music Teacher Make?

When teaching music, you don’t only teach what you know, but you’ll also improve as a musician. It’s a satisfying career, and it can be rare to earn your income from doing something you truly love.
There are several ways to use your passion for teaching and music skills to make a living. According to ZipRecruiter, the average music teacher salary is $53,356 a year. This makes an hourly rate of around $26.50.
There are several states where the standard wage is above the national average for a job as a music teacher. California tops as number one, with Massachusetts and Washington following.
In Washington, particularly the city of Renton, the average music teacher salary is at $61,896 per year. Massachusetts follows with Boston, Lowell, and Dedham reaching an annual salary of $62,917. While Richmond, Piedmont, and San Mateo in California tops at an annual salary of $63,928
There are many schools currently recruiting for music teaching jobs. In fact, California has a very active music teacher job market. The prospects for economic development as a music teacher tend to be highly fruitful.

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Employee Compensations

Gross profits before taxes and deduction for some teachers reach around $70,000. Extra compensation, such as insurance, incentives, profit-sharing, or commissions is not included. Thus, a music teacher can receive more depending on what their employer can offer.
Some institutions may even offer bonuses on top of the regular benefits. Pursuing a music teacher career which aligns with your passion can also lead to good financial income.
If you work for a music school or academy, sales commissions may be offered for those you invite into the school. These could be your students or anyone who enrolls in a music class. So if you’re good at marketing or networking to invite new students, this option can provide you with additional income.
These bonuses, especially the likes of profit-sharing and commissions, may not be common. But if you can find institutions that offer bonuses, they may provide another form of income on top of your salary.

Average Music Teacher Salary

A music teacher’s salary doesn’t only depend on the city or state they teach in. The level of education that a teacher provides also affects their level of income.
But teaching at elementary level doesn’t mean earning less compared to a college professor. Again, different factors dictate a music teacher salary.

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Music Teacher Salary Range for Private Music Teacher and Tutor

In the United States, the average private music teacher salary is $76,389 per year. This works out to be about $36.73 an hour.
For tutors, they charge an average between $20 to $40 an hour. Others, who are considered experts in their field, do not offer services for lower than $50. Some of them reach up to $250 an hour.
The highest earners in the market are currently making $96,500 per year. This will, of course, depend on skill level, location, and years of experience. The most in-demand private lessons include vocal coaching and learning to play instruments.
When it comes to location, New York City takes the top spot with an average salary of $89,155. San Mateo in California comes in at second on the list, offering an average of $87,978 a year. Boston then follows at third with an annual salary of $85,147.
Now that you have an understanding of how much a music teacher makes, you can decide which path would work best for you.
A career in music teaching seems to offer flexibility and alternative streams of income. But don’t forget to consider location, skills, and education competencies when looking for the perfect music teacher job.