Piano Lessons

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Out of all the available instruments, the piano is one of the easier ones to play. It’s ideal for people who want to start learning music, so going for piano lessons is a smart choice. 

Due to its popularity, lots of top music teachers are available in the area to teach you. Luckily, you can simply do an online search and find “music teachers near me”. You can also opt to find music teachers who can work online if that’s your preferred method.

If you want your child to learn the piano, you can find kids’ music teachers around. Generally, taking piano lessons is perfect for kids. Once they learn a couple of notes, they’ll be extremely excited to hear and play their favorite songs!

The piano is also an excellent accompaniment for singers. You can opt to play by notes, accompany other instruments, and even play for soloists or choirs. There are tons of styles and techniques that you can freely explore with the piano. 

All About the Piano

The piano is one of the most well-known instruments of all time. It’s a practical instrument invented in the 18th century by Bartolomeo Cristofori, an Italian instrument maker
Its original name is Fortepiano: forte for loud and piano, meaning soft. Today, we simply use its abbreviated form, piano.
This instrument has a total of 52 white keys and 36 black ones. The highest key is the note “C” while the lowest is “A”.
For children and beginners, music teachers would suggest that they use smaller keyboards. These have a few octaves and less keys. Plus, it’s convenient for those who only want to learn the basic notes and their position on the piano. 
Generally, the piano is excellent for playing by ear, by notes, or through improvising.

Types of Piano

Good music teachers will be able to provide you with insights about the different types of pianos
This is helpful to know so that you can familiarize yourself with the instrument and the various options
black grand piano

The Basic Acoustic Pianos

The grand and upright pianos are the basic acoustic pieces. The grand piano is larger and longer compared to the upright piano. However, the latter comes in different sizes.

The Modern Pianos 

With the advancement of modern technology today, music isn’t falling behind at all. For the keyboard, there are different types available, and these are created for a variety of purposes
The two standard categories available include workstation keyboards and digital stage pianos. 

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Stage Pianos

Stage pianos function as a digital replica of the original acoustic instrument. These may be the cabinet, upright model, or simply a piano and stand, plus a complete set of 88 fully-weighted keys. Also, they’re made to give you the feel and touch of a true acoustic piano. 
The stage piano often comes with commonly utilized sounds like the organ, strings, piano, or the choir. Plus, they usually feature built-in speakers. 
Do note that this piano always has 88 full-size keys. Meaning, it’s heavier and much bigger compared to other keyboards.
Usually, the price of the stage piano ranges from $600 to $1,500, depending on its brand.

Workstation Piano

Keyboards are created to provide adequate portability and convenience to musicians. These instruments are lightweight, and most feature 61 or 76 keys. However, some models feature the complete 88 keys. 

In general, keyboards are played by using the “keyboard style”. This is where you play with accompaniments and use the rhythm style.  

The workstation piano is often more advanced since it sports many buttons and a bigger screen. It also comes with sliders that give you more choice for rhythms and sounds. Some even provide you with the option of producing different sounds, as well as using a sequencer.

The sequencer is an integrated arranger used for composing songs directly on the keyboard. 

Learning how to use the workstation piano is more time consuming compared to using a regular stage piano. This is due to it having such a variety of options available, which you need to familiarize yourself with.

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Benefits of Piano Lessons

Being able to play the piano is a wonderful skill to acquire. With the right music teachers, you’ll learn how to play while enhancing your skills to help you become more proficient
Learning how to play the piano has both mental and physical benefits, and these have been long recognized through research. Specifically, this instrument has been considered an exceptional outlet for those who wish to express their creativity. It’s also for those who need an escape from their busy schedule or for anyone who wants to have fun. 
Research from recent years has highlighted more evidence relating to the benefits of playing the piano. This shows that music is linked to having a healthy mind, body, and life. 
Listed below are some of the primary benefits of playing the piano which every student may experience.

Piano Lessons for Beginners

Learning how to play the piano can be a huge challenge for beginners. Often, new students stare at the keys and wonder how to even start. 
An important point at the beginning is not to allow those keys to intimidate you. As long as you have the help of good music teachers, you’ll know how to play in no time! 
Familiarizing yourself with the piano’s keys is actually simple, and you only need to know what to look for. 
In the beginning, it can feel a bit daunting. Yet the goal is to make learning a fun process too, especially during initial classes. This will be the stage for your or your child’s musical development.  
So to get the most out of your first piano lessons, here’s what you can expect.  
piano instructor with her young boy student
Woman playing drums during music band rehearsal

Learning to play an instrument can be easier than you think.

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Introduction and Getting to Know Each Other

The first lesson could make or break your entire piano journey. Dramatic we know, but with that in mind, it’s vital for you and the teacher to build rapport by communicating and getting to know each other.
Your music teacher can begin with a couple of general introductions and icebreakers to make you feel comfortable. Since the two of you will take a path of learning and growth together, it’s so important that you can develop a good bond.

Assessment of Skills

Once you and your teacher have spent enough time with the introductions, they’ll need to assess your skills. The lessons for beginners usually start with the music teacher demonstrating basic posture, plus hand and finger position techniques.
When you gain more experience with the piano, the teacher will start giving you more advanced lessons.

Basic Sequential Exercises

Once the teacher explains the positioning techniques, they’ll start with the beginner lessons. You will be introduced to the keys and patterns of the piano, as well as the middle C. 
Next, your music teacher may help you learn some basic rhythms, along with simple songs. This will allow you to practice the positioning of your fingers, as well as the coordination of keys. During the initial lessons, simple melodies or initial rhythms often consist of both the half and quarter notes.
little girl at the piano

Piano Lessons for Kids

Many kids are drawn to the piano at a young age. It’s a great instrument to explore and play. Whether it’s a piano or keyboard, it can produce different sounds depending on what instrument you are using.
The fun stuff aside, a lot of parents wonder when they should have their kids take piano lessons.
Beginner’s piano lessons let your kids learn about the world of music and have fun in the process. When they start playing, the piano will be an excellent base instrument for playing a variety of music styles. Plus, it’s great for understanding music theory, which is vital for playing other instruments like the guitar.

The Best Age to Learn How to Play the Piano

The best age to start playing the piano is usually between five and nine years old. Older students may have an easier time learning, but, younger students can also learn quickly since the piano’s keys are easy to remember
Depending on the student, even those as young as five can start exploring the piano. Look at Mozart, who began playing the piano at only three years of age.

Is Your Child Ready to Begin Piano Lessons?

To work out if your child is ready to learn the piano, you’ll need to take several things into consideration. These include physical factors like coordination, dexterity, and hand size. You also need to see if they can move each of their fingers independently.
For many children, social skills is another factor to consider. Before they start taking lessons, they need to know how to focus, follow a practice plan, and communicate with people.
Aside from that, you need to ensure that the piano lesson is a good experience. You must find a kid’s music teacher with simple pedagogical methods and who can make learning fun for your child.

Online Piano Lessons

Today, we’re living in the digital age, and thanks to that, we can already do many things online. You can gain a wide range of skills online, and one of these is learning how to play musical instruments. 
When you sign up for online piano lessons, you can go from beginner to performer at your own pace. The best thing is, you can enjoy your lessons right in the comfort of your home.
With all online piano lessons, music teachers demonstrate where to place your fingers and how to play different notes. The type of music and tunes you will learn depends on the course or module you chose. There are many apps ranging from pure classical piano to pop and modern tunes.

Why Choose Online Piano Lessons?

Online lessons are relatively new in the world of learning piano. However, this learning method provides several unique benefits, making it suitable for both young and adult students.
Here, we’ll let you know the benefits and reasons why choosing online piano lessons is a great idea.

Learn in the Comfort of Your Home

Taking online lessons means you will have your lessons in your home. What makes it great is you’ll be in your safe place. It will reduce feelings of anxiety, especially for kids and beginners.

Online lessons also give you the chance to play on your own piano. This makes it appealing for adults since they often prefer the familiarity of their practice instrument.

Overall, choosing online lessons gives you the best of both worlds. Your instructor teaches while you’re at home, and you can save time on travel.

Online Lessons are More Affordable

Although in person lessons are a great option, they can be expensive and might not easy to afford depending on your budget.   After all, you’re paying for the teacher’s time and costs. Private lessons provided by traveling teachers can also be more expensive.
Online piano lessons can be a little bit less pricey and save you both time and money.

You’ll Have an Extensive Selection of Teachers to Choose From

Finding a piano teacher can be challenging for people living in rural or low-density population areas. In some instances, there are no nearby teachers available, or their schedule cannot accommodate you.
Sometimes, the right teacher lives at a distance. This would require you to go on a 3-hour round-trip or so for each lesson. Most people don’t have this amount of free time to spend and travel time can feel unproductive and frustrating.
Many excellent teachers worldwide love teaching adults, but their distance can be an issue. With today’s technology, distance no longer matters. You don’t need to do a search for “music teachers near me” since you’ll have extensive options for online lessons.
By simply going online, you can search for top music teachers who specialize in various genres to meet your needs. You’ll find instructors who focus on classical, jazz, pop music, and more.
With the wide range of choices available online, you don’t need to settle for a teacher because of the distance. You can interview the teacher or try out a few lessons to see their style first and check if you make a good connection.