Where Do I Find Students
If I Want to Teach Music Privately?

Private music teachers often specialize in a specific instrument or a class of instruments. They work one-on-one with you to help develop and enhance your playing techniques and performance skills. Many musicians become a music teacher and are self-employed which gives them control over every aspect of their job.

Most private music instructors recruit students through networking, advertising, and word-of-mouth. They also use other promotional techniques, such as distributing cards and flyers or offering referral discounts. Some private music teachers will form partnerships with other teachers and make student referrals.  Social media is another great way to connect with potential students.
Private music instructors may work for independent or chain music education institutions. With time and experience, private music teachers can attract more students, charge higher prices for lessons, and expand their teaching business.
guitar instructor and her young student smiling at the camera

What You Need Before Starting

Do you love music and want to help others develop their musical skills? If that’s the case, then becoming a music instructor is the perfect path to take!

Music teachers often have natural musical skills, but there are many other qualifications a music teacher should possess. These qualifications are necessary to be competent educators. Remember, knowing how to play an instrument well doesn’t equate to having the ability to teach effectively.

guitar teacher holding her guitar while smiling at the camera

Where Can I Find Students to Teach?

Since private music teachers handle everything independently, finding students can be challenging at first. If you’re a private teacher looking for places to find more students, here are some ideas:

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A music instructor guiding her beginner student in their private piano lessons
two adults and five children playing instruments

How to Attract Students So You Can Teach Music

When finding students, you need to consider the things you can offer. Do you have a music degree and certification? How about experience in musical performances?  Do you love people and find it easy to make connections?
Your qualifications as a music teacher is one of the things that can attract students to you.
Although it’s great to have these credentials, students have another big concern that most teachers don’t often realize. A lot of students want to know what it’s like to work with a potential private teacher.
Parents want to know if they can entrust their child to the music teacher. They want to find out if the instructor will also be a good influence on their child. As for adult students, they seek teachers who are easy and good to work with.
Of course, all students want the right person who will help them enhance their skills. It’s important to keep in mind all the qualities you can present when you go out to find your students.